Lessons for Living from the Dying with Dr. Karen Wyatt – Episode 341

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If you were on your deathbed and the end was drawing near, what would you regret?  

Who would you wish you would have been?  What would you do differently if you had more time?  

Dr. Karen Wyatt has shared the final months, weeks, and moments with many of her patients.  This unique experience gave her profound insight into death and dying and helped her overcome the grief of her own loss.  

The lessons her dying patients shared can serve as a wake up call to all of us to live our lives more fully, without regret, and in a more connected way.  

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Show Notes:

  • How seeking to understand her own grief taught her lessons for life.  [1:44]
  • Is love the most important thing when all is said and done?  [2:37]
  • The most common regrets of people nearing the end of life.  [4:16]
  • Finding pleasure in the little things in life, and why it’s so important.  [5:06]
  • Practical steps to enjoy your life today.  [6:00]
  • How to discover what really matters before it’s too late.  [7:58]
  • Can you ever really be prepared for difficult times?  [10:10]
  • Why forgiving yourself is where to start when you want to improve your life.  [11:44]
  • How to talk to someone close to you who is nearing the end of their life.   [13:01]
  • Surrender – the importance of learning to accept what ‘is’.  [14:23]
  • Why having quiet time and solitude is important and how to do it more often.  [17:06]
  • Simple strategies for facing and overcoming grief.  [20:37]
  • How 7 Lessons for the Living from the Dying can benefit you.  [22:17]


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