How to Dominate Your Morning

People hate mornings. They spend the first hour of the day hitting the snooze button, whining, pissing, moaning, and dreading the day ahead. You can choose to let your morning be like that, and walk around like a human raisin, shriveled up and empty of any inspiration, presence, and purpose. Or you can rise above the masses of mediocrity and take ownership over that first hour. You can choose to put yourself in the mindset to dominate, kick ass, and make the world around you better. You… continue reading.

The #1 Skill of Happy, Successful People

As a kid I had zero self-confidence or communication skills. I was super shy and socially awkward. I never thought I was good enough. I doubted myself constantly. I was scared of my own shadow and constantly lived in fear. This lasted for more than half my life, well into my late twenties and early thirties. Then I realized something had to change. Epictetus, the great stoic philosopher, asked, “How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be?” For me, the answer was, “Not one second longer.” So I set out on a mission to… continue reading.

Stressed or Fatigued? Read This

If you’re suffering from stress or fatigue then you’ll love what Anthony DiClementi has for you in The Biohackers Guide. -The reason 70% of Americans are stressed. Discover the digestive, metabolic, immune, and energy impact of stressors and how to fight them – pg. 129 -5 stress management, reduction, and outright elimination biohacks that all require less than 30 minutes of effort – pg. 164 -Why it only takes 28 days to achieve freedom from stress, negative thoughts, anxiety and more (even if you don’t feel stressed, I challenge… continue reading.

Mind, Money, Mastery with Luka Hocevar

Luka Hocevar is an entrepreneur, fitness coach, business coach, and one of the smartest, coolest, and most successful guys I know. There is no one on the planet who is able to absorb, implement, and spread knowledge like this guy, and today, he is here on the podcast to answer your questions on personal development, leadership, relationships, and financial success. He has built some of the most impactful fitness businesses I have ever seen and he is a true master of learning, communication, coaching. Most importantly, he never loses sight of making a difference in people’s lives, and… continue reading.

How To Win With Matt Mayberry

It’s not everyday you meet a guy obsessed with Walter Payton and hill sprints the way I am. So, when I heard Matt Mayberry may share the same passions as the other members of the Renegade Nation, I got excited to sit down with him.   Matt Mayberry is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and performance strategist. A former Indiana University and Chicago Bears linebacker, Matt is one of the most widely-read columnists forEntrepreneur.com, where he writes on peak performance, overcoming adversity, leadership, and motivation. Matt’s work has been featured on ESPN, Forbes, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Fox Business,… continue reading.

How to Build Great Relationships, Make Your Abs Pop, and Achieve Life Mastery

I’m a firm believer in taking lessons from sports and applying them to life success. Some of the most profound life lessons come from athletes like Walter Payton, Mike Tyson, and Bruce Lee. You often hear coaches tell their players to work on their weaknesses. I’ve told plenty of my athletes to work on their’s. Does the same principle apply to the rest of your life? No. Working on your weaknesses can be an enormous waste of time, especially in business. Of course, if you’re a mean, miserable person, that’s a weakness that you need to work on. But if you suck… continue reading.

F Your Trophy

Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals made me smile this morning. I saw on Instagram that he came out against the participation trophy. He told little leaguers that there should only be first place trophies. I smiled, pumped my fist and said, “F*CK YES!” There needs to be more of this. We need to fight the pussifcation and softening of future generations. The participation trophy is making kids soft and weak. It gives them a sense of entitlement. And does nothing to prepare them for the real world. continue reading.

Why you should NOT work out

You want to lose fat, build muscle and look sexy at the beach.  So, you gotta work out, right? Screw that. You do NOT need to workout. You need to train. There’s a huge difference. Have you ever watched a dude at the gym walk from one machine to the next? He’s got a puzzled look on his face, clearly trying to figure out what the hell to do next? That’s working out. I know you’ve seen this group of guys at the gym. They go from flat bench, to incline bench, to dumbbell bench, to machine bench… And, finally,… continue reading.

Do These to Become Bulletproof

I love loaded carries and include them in every training program I design. There is nothing more functional than picking up something heavy and walking with it. It’s manly, hardcore, old school shit. Makes you feel like a badass. Especially when you’re doing them in a public gym where no one else would dream of doing such a thing. Loaded carries bulletproof your entire body from head to toe. Ankle, knee and hip stability is increased from loaded carries. Your toes, feet and abs get stronger. continue reading.

“People Treated Me Differently”

On my flight back from Seattle I sat next to a 52 year old guy named Dexter. Cool dude who was super easy to talk to. I love meeting new people and flapping my gums to just about anyone. So we rapped for most of the three hours. We talked about psychology, mindset, leadership, marketing, evolution, political correctness and the pussification of man. He told me about his recent foray into lifting and what he was doing in the gym. Seemed to be really into it and said he felt… continue reading.