Developing Skills for Life and A Warrior’s Spirit with Dan Millman – Episode 196

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Get ready for a whole new look at personal development and prepare to unleash the warrior within.

Dan Millman is my guest on Episode 196 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast. He is a world champion gymnast and the author of 17 books. As a young man, Dan set out on a spiritual journey to find the answers to life’s most difficult questions.  The lessons he learned inspired his “Peaceful Warrior” series of books and led to the keynotes, workshops, and seminars he produces today.

In this episode, Dan explains why there is a “Peaceful Warrior” within us all. We discuss the essential life skills that people aren’t taught with formal education. Dan explains the six words that can improve anyone’s life and how people can learn to live in the moment.  We delve into why self-improvement can become stressful, what makes a good coach or mentor, Dan’s thoughts on the “one thing”, and much more.

Topics Include:

  • Dan’s background and how his 10-year spiritual search led to Way of The Peaceful Warrior.  3:07
  • Essential life skills that people aren’t taught in school.  6:07
  • The primary life skill that Dan focuses on and how it liberates behavior from emotions and thoughts.  8:32
  • Why self-improvement can become a source of stress and how to avoid it.  9:49
  • Are you suffering from “Competitive Mind” and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)?  11:59
  • Should young men and women still have rites of passage?  13:27
  • When he met “Socrates” in a gas station and he became Dan’s mentor.  19:00
  • Some of the most profound lessons Dan learned from Socrates.  20:03
  • What makes a good coach or mentor?  24:09
  • 6 magic words that can help improve anyone’s life.  29:50
  • Is it possible to be enlightened in your 20’s or 30’s or does it take years to learn?  30:03
  • Why you should seek to control your efforts, not outcomes, and why excellence is the only thing you should strive for.  32:17
  • Dan’s thoughts on gratitude and on living “in the now”.  34:42
  • Dan’s thoughts on doing the “one thing” and practicing the 80/20 rule.  42:52
  • How Dan is teaching his students the process of dying in order to help them have more appreciation for life.  46:07
  • Dan’s current diet plus his Peaceful Warrior Workout and 4 Minute Meditation.  52:04

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