How to Live a Good Life with Jonathan Fields

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


Jonathan Fields helps people live more intentional lives and reconnect with a sense of possibility. A New York City dad, husband, entrepreneur and award-winning author, he is the founder of mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project, and the author of How to Life a Good Life.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Jonathan’s background and story [5:02].
  • Early businesses he started [6:06].
  • His love of music [7:49].
  • How to forget about raising the bar to be someone else [9:55].
  • Avoiding the trap of social media [13:10].
  • How to overcome indecisiveness [15:13-20:14].
  • How to be present and maintain great relationships [20:15-23:08].
  • How to cultivate empathy [25:37-28:45].
  • Hard and fast rules for being present [28:46].
  • How to succeed as an introvert [33:00].
  • His ten commandants of business [37:44].
  • How to sell without selling [43:20].
  • What are the “Three Good Life Buckets” [47:30].
  • How to build a loyal following [56:20].
  • The common traits of people living a good life [59:08].

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