Finding Your Why with Paul Reddick – Episode 213

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Has anyone ever made you feel like you’re not good enough or smart enough to accomplish your goals? Have people stomped on your dreams and made you wonder if you’re really capable of leaving a job you hate or doing what you’re passionate about?

If so my guest in this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast, Paul Reddick, can relate and help.

A guidance counselor once told Paul he was stupid and destined for failure. He was left to deal with the impact of the counselor’s words on top of the demons from his past. He embarked upon a journey of personal development and self-actualization that eventually led him to live a life filled with purpose, passion and success.

Paul is known as “The World’s Greatest Sports Marketer” and “The guy who finds money in your business” by elite authors and coaches throughout the sports and fitness industry.

If you’re ready to get past the negativity of haters and doubters this is the push you’re looking for. Listen as we discuss:

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Show Notes:

  • Why patience and consistency will help you master your craft and give you a better chance of success. [3:25]
  • Why you should continue coaching people in person as long as you’re passionate about it. [13:15]
  • Why the key to business success is often about improving yourself rather than your systems or processes. [20:45]
  • Tips for self-actualization and personal development and why he feels everyone can benefit from therapy. [29:57]
  • What makes a good coach? [36:18]
  • How to find balance between business and your own needs. [38:10]
  • His tips for productivity and blocking distractions. [43:53]
  • Fundamental strategies for building an online business (and a few you have never heard before). [46:21]
  • Paul explains the significance of “5, 6, 7” and takes me through the process. [55:17]


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