How to Protect Yourself and Your Family with Tim Larkin – Episode 210

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Can you protect yourself and your family? I mean if shit gets serious, are you really ready? What if someone tries to seriously harm you or your loved ones? As much as we may dream about a nonviolent utopia, the reality is it’s better to be safe than sorry. And to be safe you have to be prepared. Violent, dangerous people are out there and wishing them away will never work. If you never want to become someone’s victim you can’t afford to miss the all new #RenegadeRadioPodcast with self-protection expert Tim Larkin.

As a former military intelligence officer Tim was part of the group that redesigned how Special Operations personnel train for close combat. Over the course of his 25 year career he has shown people in 52 countries how to deal with imminent violence. He’s trained over 10,000 clients in his Target Focused Training, including Elite Military Units and Special Law Enforcement Agencies. Tim is also the author of great self-protection books including “How to Survive”, “Survive the Unthinkable” and, most recently, “When Violence is The Answer”.

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Show Notes:

  • His introduction to the US Navy SEALS.[1:20]
  • How Tim trained to get bigger, stronger and faster in preparation for his military career. [3:50]
  • Why he received minimal hand-to-hand combat training when he first started training with the SEALS. [7:10]
  • How the injury that forced Tim out of SEAL training actually helped set the course of his life. [8:35]
  • A chance meeting with an instructor who taught a form of hand-to-hand combat that changed everything. [15:00]
  • How he introduced a new combat training style to his superior officers. [20:24]
  • When Tim left the NAVY and started training security teams, special law enforcement agencies and elite military units. [26:28]
  • Why he advocates slow, deliberate training and a “crawl before you walk, walk before you run” mindset. [28:55]
  • The experience that taught him to use the human body to get a result and not worry about winning points for style. [31:35]
  • Why people should look at violence as a tool for self-protection. [37:00]
  • Why you should remember that even the most violent people and best fighters aren’t immune to injury. [39:00]
  • Are you less likely to become a victim of violence the more you understand it? [40:35]
  • The insights he gained from looking at how prison inmates use violence. [41:09]
  • Tim’s “3 day threshold” for deciding whether or not you should use violence and how his definition of “no other choice” differs from most self-defense teachers. [45:50]
  • Why self-defense training is as necessary and practical as taking a CPR course. [54:25]
  • Are we all capable of defending ourselves, even against someone who is bigger, faster and stronger? [58:40]
  • Why techniques may get you killed but principles can save your life. [1:00:41]
  • Why instead of thinking about self-defense you should focus on how to attack. [1:06:10]
  • Situational awareness tips that can help save your life. [1:10:04]
  • His thoughts on recent acts of violence and why it seems to happen more often these days. [1:17:25]
  • How long does it take for someone to learn the skills to protect themselves using Tim’s books and courses? [1:28:42]
  • His current fitness routine and diet and the recovery methods he uses. [1:33:37]


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