How to Own a Room, Make People Laugh, and Get a Ton of Shit Done

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

On today’s podcast my buddy, Rich Baker, joins me to discuss a variety of topics. Rich is an actor, comedian, and incredibly talented improv performer. He’s a very well read and insightful guy with a unique perspective.

We talk all about getting out of your comfort zone, the power of improv comedy and how to get tons of shit done in less time.


Topics Include:

  • Why everyone should study improv comedy.
  • Essential skills for connecting with people and getting them to like you.
  • The rules of improv and how they apply to life and business.
  • A simple technique that can instantly improve all of your meetings and business discussions.
  • Can anyone be funny or is it something you’re born with?
  • Tips for dealing with anxiety.
  • Why the world we live in is so unnatural… and the steps you should take to fix it in your own life.
  • The one thing all human beings need to feel in order to be happy.
  • Steps for dealing with depression.
  • The #1 thing that will grow your business faster than anything else.
  • How to get a lot done and also party and get laid.
  • Why your to-do-list is killing you.
  • New music recommendations.
  • Much more.

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