Top 10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety – Episode 485

Anxiety is a silent killer. I've got you covered with the BEST, real-world, tried and tested methods that will surely have your anxiety in check. continue reading.

How to Own a Room, Make People Laugh, and Get a Ton of Shit Done

On today’s podcast my buddy, Rich Baker, joins me to discuss a variety of topics. Rich is an actor, comedian, and incredibly talented improv performer. He’s a very well read and insightful guy with a unique perspective. We talk all about getting out of your comfort zone, the power of improv comedy and how to get tons of shit done in less time.   Topics Include: Why everyone should study improv comedy. Essential skills for connecting with people and getting them to like you. The rules of improv and how they apply to life and business. A simple technique… continue reading.

Cheat Meals, Ending Toxic Relationships, & Battling Anxiety

On this episode, I’m joined by my brother from another mother of another color, Kenny Johnson, and my homie, Jay Jablonski. We talked about all kinds of stuff from meeting Dr. Dre to ordering pizza from your shoes to my Sam Kinison-like intensity. Tune in to listen to us chat (and sometimes yell) about topics including: The essential email you have to send The “feel good” rep scheme Reintroducing wheat To what lengths would I go for a superpower? Music recommendations Tim Tebow, GSP, Kendrick Lamar The problem with Major League Baseball Death row meals Rap battles Minimalism tips What… continue reading.