Why You Should Risk It All (and Quit Your Job) – Episode 308

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

There’s an old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

In simpler terms this means in order to accomplish anything great in your life you’re going to have to be willing to take some risks. 

When I first met Brian Pannuzzo, he was a Wallstreet Executive and a 7-figure earner.  He had money, nice cars, expensive clothes and a beautiful home.  

He was successful by most people’s standards.

And, he was unfulfilled.  

Realizing the job, title, high income and all the toys in the world couldn’t bring him enduring happiness and fulfillment, he decided to risk it all to pursue his true purpose and passion.  He quit his job, moved his family from the East Coast to California, and found his true calling in life. 

Now he is inspired by the work he does, coaching and helping men whose financial success has cost them their health, marriage and relationships. 

Whether there are a few things about your life that could be better, or you’re looking for a massive overhaul to change your entire existence, you’ll learn how to do it in this episode. 

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Brian’s journey from Wall Street to doing what he was born to do. [9:41]
  • The ripple effect created from stepping away from his one-dimensional life. [12:44]
  • The importance of hiring a coach to TRANSFORM your own life. [17:10]
  • Why self-belief is critical.  [20:41]
  • Why you MUST step out of your comfort zone to grow. [23:29]
  • Life is about experiences, don’t waste it! [25:20]
  • Why you must surround yourself with people that support, believe in, and challenge you! [27:56]
  • How to remove crabs from your bucket. [28:56]


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