The WORST “Over 40” Training Advice

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Every day, wherever I look l see terrible training advice being spewed.

Especially when it comes to training advice for those over 40.

Often times it’s by inexperienced “fitness influencers” who have very little real world experience with real world clients.

But sometimes it’s hard to know, right?

Well, here’s something hard to believe…

Almost EVERYTHING you have been told or taught to believe about proper training is incorrect.

That, my friend, is the sad truth.

And here are some more hard truths about training:

High volume is not the key to gains.

Too much HIIT does more harm than good.

Burpees don’t have much benefit.

You don’t always have to do the big lifts first in your workout.

You don’t need tons of phases and periodization schemes.

You don’t need to do a million different exercises.

“Low reps are for strength and high reps are for fat loss” is BULLSHIT.

More low intensity strength training on off days doesn’t always help you recover faster.

The truth about proper training that actually produces results is quite simple.

That’s why most people have such a hard time believing and sticking with it.

Especially these days with Instagram and the world we live in.

If the mainstream way of doing things isn’t working for you maybe it’s time to try something else.

If you can actually drown and out the noise and FOCUS you can make great progress.

If all the volume and the conditioning and the clown exercises haven’t delivered the results you were hoping for…

Then come with me…

Your new chiseled physique and beast strength await you.