The No BS Truth About Body Transformation

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Summer is coming.

There’s no time to waste doing stuff that doesn’t work.

The # 1 proven, time-tested way to make structural changes in your body is to place mechanical tension on the muscles with heavy strength training.

This is true whether you’re male or female, old or young.

It’s not cardio, not hour long mobility flows, not burpees, not juggling weights, not battling ropes, not light complexes, not “functional training” where you stand one one leg on balance boards and bosu balls, not Pilates, not yoga, not getting drenched in sweat or breathing like a locomotive during some type of circuit…

It’s simple, old school, basic, heavy lifting (or bodyweight exercises if the resistance is high enough) with proper technique.

The majority of those other things can be great and have their time and place.

But they’re icing on the cake, only after you have the foundation.

And if you have limited time and just 6-12 weeks to get in shape for something, focus the majority of your efforts on the strength work. Nothing else will give you more bang for your buck.

The added bonus is that if you train the way I teach you to, the need for tons of stretching, mobility, excessive warm ups and HIIT is greatly reduced or eliminated.

At 44 I’m as lean as I’ve ever been (see pic above) and I hardly ever do any of that other stuff I listed.

I simply do VERY SMART strength training.

You can get the same kind of results if you’re willing to focus and work hard.

There’s no time to waste.

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