Raising Your Resiliency with Kris Coleman – Episode 365

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Kris Coleman is the founder of Red Five Security which provides world class, state of the art security and protective intelligence services. 

Working in both the private and public sectors throughout his 20+ year career, he has served with the CIA, the FBI, and as a former Principal with Good Harbor Consulting.

His new book, Raise Your Resiliency, shares what it takes for you, your family, and your business to become truly resilient and ready for any challenges to come!  

In this episode Kris takes you through practical and actionable ways you can quickly become more resilient and ensure the safety of those you love.

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Show Notes:

  • Why you need to prepare for the worst.  [3:23]
  • The importance of having REAL information and awareness.  [4:24]
  • Should you avoid the news and social media?  [7:52]
  • The power in choosing your mindset.  [9:50]
  • Specific ways to start your day strong.  [12:52]
  • How physical, mental and emotional fitness impacts your resiliency. [16:23]
  • What does it mean to defend your business digitally?  [25:50]
  • Essential skills that everyone should have. [25:14]
  • What types of people come to Kris for training?  [32:37]
  • Practical tips for protecting yourself and staying safe while traveling.  [38:31] 
  • Should everyone carry a weapon?  [45:42]
  • Why you should “get off the X”.  [47:31]


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