Are You Guilty of Using One of These Pathetic Excuses?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Excuses are everywhere. We’ve all got them and use them more than we should. I’ve been guilty of this and I’m sure you’ve probably been an offender at one time or another, yourself.

But we need to stop. No one wants to hear them and no one gives a shit.

Below is a list of some of my favorites.

–I don’t squat because they’re bad for the knees.

–You’re not supposed to squat below parallel.

— I don’t need to do legs because I run and go on the stairclimber.

–I’m just getting back into it. (For two years?!)

–Today is my light day. (What about all the other days?)

–I don’t care about getting strong; I just want to be big.

–I don’t care about getting big; I just want to be strong.

–I don’t want to get too big. (As if that was possible)

–I didn’t eat enough today.

–I ate too much.

–My diet has sucked lately.

–I drank too much last night.

–I haven’t had enough water today.

–I didn’t get to have coffee before my workout.

–I don’t want to get calluses.

–I don’t want to get injured.

–I don’t have time to eat that much. (Yes you do)

–I can’t eat that much. (Yes you can)

–I don’t want to get fat.

–I have crappy genetics. (Join the club)

–I just injured my_____ last week.

–I can’t squat because I have bad knees. (Sometimes legitimate, often times not)

–I can’t squat or dead lift because I have a bad back. (Same as above)

–I lifted a lot more than that last time. (What could have happened, I wonder?)

— I just want to get cut.

–I don’t like working that hard. (Then take up sewing)

–I can’t get motivated.

–I’m just not into it anymore.

— Heavy lifting is dangerous.

–He didn’t touch the bar, that was all me. (Ok)

— There’s no need to lift all that heavy weight.

–You can get great results with light weights and slow tempos. (It shows)

–If I took steroids I would look like that too. (No you wouldn’t)

–If I took steroids I would be that strong too. (Ditto)

–I feel weak today.

–I feel sick today.

–I’m tired today.

–I feel like crap today.

–I didn’t get enough sleep last night. (Join the club)

–I’m too stressed out.

–I’m too busy.

–I’m too old.

–I’m depressed.

–I have too much work to do.

–I’ll train later.

–I’ll train tomorrow.

–I don’t have time.

–I can’t. (I know)

Let’s eliminate excuses from this day forward. They’re for losers.

There is no tomorrow. The time is now. Take charge and don’t look back.

Please leave leave your comments below and feel free to add to the list.