How to Stay Strong in Tough Times – Episode 331

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In this solo Q&A episode of Renegade Radio I’m taking more listener questions and explaining how to stay physically, mentally and emotionally strong in tough times. 

And, as we know, tough times don’t last. But resilient, relentless Renegades do. So you gotta keep moving forward. You gotta keep training. You gotta stick to your habits and routines. You gotta control your thoughts. You gotta audit your circle and who you talk to. You gotta be very careful about what kind of and how much info you consume.

Keep your head up, keep your weight up, and keep the volume up for this one.

Scroll down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How are you mentally handling this? 
  • The science of rep speed and hypertrophy? 
  • How many sets should you do per week, per muscle group?
  • What’s the best neutral grip bar? 
  • Who’s your favorite fighter of all time?
  • How to make goblet squats better? 
  • What 3 athletes would I want to start a business with?
  • Best business/career advice books?
  • Best resources for learning programming? 
  • How to add 90 pounds to your squat? 
  • Ideal early morning pre workout routine?
  • How to relieve elbow pain?
  • What’s my go-to practice for stress and anxiety relief?


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