Full Body vs. Splits, Increasing Chin Ups, 15-Minute Workouts, 2-Set Muscle Building, and More – Episode 209

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a solo episode of the Renegade Radio Podcast. So that’s what I’m doing in this one. I compiled a list of listener questions you guys sent in. Then I worked through as many as I could, in as much detail as I could give.

I start with a quick recap of the last few months, telling you what I’ve been up to. We also talk about relationships, training, nutrition, weed, CBD, WWE, marketing, books, and more.

You’ll also love the fact that I give fully detailed workouts with exercises, sets and reps for getting jacked in a variety of scenarios. Pour some coffee and get ready to go for a fast paced ride though my mind as we discuss:

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Show Notes:

  • Summer 2017 recap and my new friends. [:15]
  • How books have allowed me to live the life I do. [6:52]
  • How to have better relationships with everyone you know. [9:00]
  • Why you should let go of the past and focus on living in the moment. [14:05]
  • Intermittent Fasting: good or bad? [17:15]
  • Full body workouts or body part splits? [17:15]
  • What is a reasonable timeframe for considerable fat loss? [28:41]
  • Sativa and CBD pre-workout. [30:59]
  • How to use low volume training for fast results. [32:36]
  • How much protein and meat do I eat.? [39:07]
  • How to maintain your body-comp once you’ve reached your goal. [39:52]
  • Why lifestyle is the key to maintaining the physique you’ve worked so hard for. [39:52]
  • My thoughts on the current state of the WWE. [41:09]
  • How did I get so damn handsome? [42:20]
  • How someone who has never touched a weight in their life should start training and why “no time” isn’t an excuse for not training. [42:38]
  • Marketing tips for trainers. [44:30]
  • An Upper/Lower split for people with very limited time to train. [46:59]
  • Tips for getting better at pull ups and the movie I would star in if I had the opportunity. [48:58]
  • Why you shouldn’t constantly chase progressive overload and a safer, more effective approach. [51:56]


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