Dr. Andy Galpin: Training Methods For Faster Gains – Episode 204

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Getting jacked, ripped, and strong is the topic at hand today with my guest, Dr. Andy Galpin. Wanna learn simple, stress-free ways to lose fat and build muscle? The good doctor has your prescription for proper programming in this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast.

Andy has a Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics and he is a professor in the Center for Sports Performance at CSU Fullerton.  He is also the author of “Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, and Consciousness” and he’s the host of the popular podcast “The Body of Knowledge”.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Andy’s Top 5 hip-hop artists and favorite albums of all time.  3:24
  • Why he made the decision to combine Strength Programming and Coaching with Muscle Physiology and Science.  17:54
  • The biggest mistakes most people make with their training and lifestyle.  20:02
  • The 3 most important training variables.  21:02
  • Andy’s 5 categories for designing training programs.  25:11
  • Are sore muscles a sign of an effective training session?  29:40
  • Why consistency trumps effort for achieving your training goals.  31:57
  • Why just doing the work is far more important than worrying about what training program you’re following.  37:09
  • The ideal weekly schedule for the average person who wants to get jacked.  40:34
  • Does optimal training frequency depend on your goals?  42:44
  • Are 270 reps per week the magic number for building muscle?  45.34
  • How to use variety in your training to help expedite progress.  49:14
  • Is it a myth that too much conditioning makes you small and weak?  51:14
  • How recovery can hinder muscle growth and why inflammation isn’t always a bad thing.  55:38
  • The lessons you can learn from Michael Phelps’ approach to training for the Olympics in Rio.  1:00:18
  • Andy’s book, “Unplugged” and why you shouldn’t rely on fitness technology.  1:03:21
  • The great resources, training, and education that Andy gives away for free.  1:13:12

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