Sun, Sex and Sleep: How to Regain Your Health and Live a Long Life with Carl Lanore of Super Human Radio – Episode 261

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Your diet and lifestyle may be killing you slowly. What’s even worse is the doctors who are supposed to help you are only making you sicker.

If you want to know the truth about how to restore glowing health, you can’t afford to miss Episode 261 with Carl Lanore.

Once a 300 lb. man, Carl discovered that proper nutrition and exercise are the keys to good health. His transformation became the catalyst that drove him to help others.

He is now on a mission to help people regain their health and vitality. Through his podcast, Super Human Radio, he exposes the harsh realities of the food and medical systems we live with and gives people information that has the power to change their lives.

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Show Notes:

  • Why Carl was more concerned with adding weight to the bar than losing pounds on the scale when he decided to improve his health. [3:40]
  • How his newfound health and physique transformation led him to start a radio show. [6:03]
  • Where did he learn about training and nutrition and who were his biggest influences when he started out? [9:10]
  • Should your diet be based on your heritage and evolution? [14:02]
  • The truth behind why grains and legumes destroy your gut health. [18:35]
  • Why it’s important to know where your food comes from. [22:26]
  • Are probiotics actually wrecking your gut health? [23:12]
  • What are the simplest, most effective ways to restore your gut health? [29:31]
  • The supplements he recommends and why you were meant to have sex. [30:52]
  • Should all men (and women) over 35 be on hormone replacement therapy? [32:56]
  • The problems with standard medical advice and why you should choose a doctor like you choose a mechanic. [37:51]
  • The three “S’s” that will improve your health, protect you from disease, and give you a longer life. [41:30]
  • Simple ways to improve your quality of sleep and why snoring is a sign something isn’t right. [44:29]
  • Why Carl takes a more instinctive approach to strength training these days. [48:03]
  • His podcast, “Super Human Radio” and the topics he covers. [51:06]
  • His favorite music and the surprising artists on his gym playlist. [52:57]


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