Top 3 Exercises Per Implement

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Barbell- Squat, Deadlift, Military press

Dumbbell- 1 Arm Row, Flat Dumbbell Press, Dumbbell Military Press

Bodyweight- Pistol Squat, Chin Up, Dip

Kettlebell- Clean, Snatch, Swing

Sandbag- Shouldering, Zercher Squat, Walking Lunge

Keg- Clean, Overhead Press, Snatch

Medicine Ball- Chest Pass, Soccer Throw, Rotational Throw

Log- Clean, Clean and Press, Bench Press

Suspension Straps- Pushups, Inverted Rows, Ab Fallouts

Swiss Ball- Flat Dumbbell Presses, Flat to Incline Dumbbell Presses,

Sledgehammer- Overhead Swing, Rotational Swing, Forearm Exercises

Power Wheel- Handwalking, Alligator Pushup, Pike or Ab Roll Out

Thick Ropes- Rows, Tug of War, Battling for Conditioning

Fat Bar- Curls, Timed Holds, Rack Bench Presses

Plyo Boxes- Step Ups, Depth Jumps, Box Jumps

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