Thank You and Merry Christmas

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and sincerely thank you all very much. Thank you for visiting the site on a regular basis and supporting what I do. It’s because of you guys that I get to do what I love every day. Immersing myself in physical culture and helping people are my biggest passions in life. And to be able to combine the two and make a living doing it is truly a dream come true.

Over the last year this here blog has grown to be one of the most visited in the entire fitness industry. It’s definitely a long way from 1994 when I started Renegade Strength & Conditioning with one client in a small basement gym. The fact that even one person is interested in what I have to say, let alone hundreds of thousands, humbles me beyond words. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your loyalty and support.

I hope I was able to make some small difference or help you out in some way over the last year. If I didn’t, please let me know what I can do differently or what you would like to see more of from me in the future.

I have big things planned for 2011 to help all of you reach your goals even faster and am hoping you’ll join me on the ride.

So thanks again, and I wish all the best to you and your family.

Stay strong, stay healthy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.