Smash Goals, Crush PR’s, and Optimize Your Life with James Clear – Episode 193

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Why is it that so few people receive so many of the rewards in life?

What does the top 1% know and do that most people, who are struggling to achieve their goals, don’t?

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start making real progress in life, you do not want to miss this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast.

James Clear is an author, entrepreneur, photographer and gym rat. Through his writing on, he educates, entertains and inspires readers.

In this episode, we discuss the mistakes that most people make when setting goals and how it hinders progress. James also explains why developing the right habits and creating systems are even more important than setting goals. We cover Pareto’s Law, how you can use the 1% Rule to your advantage, and many more insights that can immediately put you on the road to success.

Topics Include:

  • The problem with goal setting and why so many people fail 2:43
  • Why it’s more effective to be specific about your habits, systems, and processes than it is to set specific goals. 5:18
  • The 4 Stages of building better habits. 7:14
  • A huge, mind blowing “ah ha” moment for Jay – how his approach to training can be applied to life. 9:57
  • Why you should shift your focus to “how many” instead of “how long” when it comes to forming habits and achieving results. 13:47
  • The “2 Minute Rule” for creating effective systems. 15:50
  • How habits lead to routines and why you must consciously choose your habits. 17:51
  • How to proactively block distractions and stay productive through ” Environment Design”. 19:13
  • Why “Feedback Loops” are critical and how to create them by using the “Seinfeld Method”. 24:10
  • Do you need to do something daily to form a habit? 29:06
  • Why bundling habits might be more effective for some people and a unique strategy for getting started. 30:55
  • Why you must standardize something before you can optimize it and the exercise one professor created to demonstrate it. 33:19
  • Why action, practice and doing the work will always lead to better results than strategizing and theorizing. 35:15
  • The “Accumulative Advantage” and 1% Rule – Why being just slightly better than your competition will eventually lead to more success. 41:19
  • How to use “Mental Models” for making important, strategic decisions. 45:52
  • The most important and only productivity tip you’ll ever need (if you actually do it). 48:05
  • How James builds his daily routine out of habits which yield a high return. 51:00
  • James’ favorite recovery method and current diet. 59:35
  • Why James is an “Optimizer” instead of a minimalist and how to spend time on things that yield a higher return.1:02:02

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