Reinventing Yourself: Why it’s Essential for Success

Posted by Jason Ferruggia



I’m joined by my good friends, Craig Ballantyne and Jay Jablonski on this episode where we flip the script a bit. Craig came to the studio with a list of questions he wanted to ask me so I shared a bunch of stories about my life over the last 30 years.


Topics Include:

  • How I got into strength training [8:42]
  • My biggest influences at the time [8:56 & 11:00]
  • My big mistakes [9:07]
  • Struggles along the way [12:04]
  • The impact hip hop has had on my life [9:11]
  • Only white guy in the room… every time [19:30-20:20]
  • Sleeping through high school [15:03]
  • What teachers said about me as a kid [15:11]
  • My awful college experiences [15:47]
  • My nightmare with tuberculosis [22:53]
  • Starting my training business [25:45]
  • The heyday of training 80 hours a week [28:46]
  • Moving to NYC [33:45]
  • 4am chin up contests for money [34:27]
  • Reopening the gym [39:18]
  • Falling in love with Cali for the first time [35:10]
  • Starting an online biz [39:33]
  • Moving to Cali [38:39]
  • The shift from having zero confidence to having too much [59:44]
  • Why you need coaches, mentors and friends you can trust to give you honest feedback [43:51 & 49:54]

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