How to Feel, Move and Perform Better with Joe Yoon – Episode 328

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Joe Yoon is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and founder of JoeTherapy, a fitness training business that specializes in mobility, stability and flexibility.

He helps some of the world’s best athletes, including players from the NFL and MLB and Olympic medalists, to move, feel and perform their absolute best.

If you want to feel and perform like Joe’s athletes, don’t miss this episode!

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Show Notes:

  • Joe’s background in the fitness space and how he discovered his passion for mobility. [7:50]
  • Mobility vs Stability – Is there a difference?  [10:00]
  • How does he incorporate stretching in his programming? [13:28]
  • The importance of blending strength and flexibility. [14:23]
  • Why you experience relief after an active release therapy (ART) session.  [20:01]
  • Social Media 101: The progression of his Instagram page, the techniques he implemented to grow his online business & MORE. [23:25]
  • The areas of the body where most people are tight/weak and how to improve your mobility.  [26:30]
  • What is the ULTIMATE upper body warmup?  [40:27]
  • His go-to’s to improve ankle mobility. [42:59]
  • What can an office worker do to stay mobile? [46:05]
  • Is there an ideal sleeping position? [49:30]
  • Why there are NO bad exercises, just bad technique. [51:38]
  • The importance of moving, breaking down his new book, busting fitness myths & MORE. [54:30]


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