Getting Shredded & Jacked with BJ Gaddour

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

BJ Gaddour is a renowned fitness expert known for his metabolic bodybuilding style of workouts. He’s a former fat guy turned cover model and the former fitness director for Men’s Health.

BJ lost over 50 pounds and fitness completely transformed his life. He’s now jacked and shredded and helps countless others get in the best shape of their lives.

On this episode of The Renegade Radio Podcast BJ is gonna share all his training and nutrition secrets.


Topics Include:

  • BJ’s introduction to fitness and the life changing impact it had
  • The biggest training mistakes he made
  • Why lifting heavy isn’t always the answer
  • The best workout for getting shredded
  • Why you should worry about time under tension
  • Unique tricks for building muscle
  • Building big legs without squats or deadlifts
  • The best muscle building workout split
  • The sport specific training myth
  • Getting jacked with bodyweight and dumbbells
  • What metabolic bodybuilding is all about
  • The diet he follows to always stay ripped
  • Invaluable tips on branding
  • Much more

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