Building Your Fitness Brand The Right Way with Caffeine & Kilos – Episode 190

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Wanna build a booming business in the health and fitness space?

Wanna create an amazing culture and a buzz around your brand?

Then today’s #RenegadeRadioPodcast with the founders of Caffeine and Kilos is just for you.

Caffeine and Kilos (C&K) is a lifestyle brand that has experienced incredible growth in just a few short years.  Their amazing coffees and bars help fuel athletes all over the world, while their awesome apparel keeps them looking great.

I sat down with the creators and owners of C&K, Danny Lehr and Dean Saddoris, to discuss their inspiration for starting the company, why their products are so popular, tips for people just starting out in the fitness business and so much more.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • How Caffeine and Kilos started
  • Great tasting coffee or “gasoline”?
  • Does more flavor mean less caffeine?
  • How they grew so quickly and how they started with the fashion side.
  • What was the vision for Caffeine and Kilos from the start?
  • Why protein bars aren’t a great pre-workout meal and the better option.
  • How Danny opened his gym and how the guys got their start in fitness.
  • The difference between training for competition and training to look and feel good.
  • How surf, skate and hip hop culture influenced their brand.
  • Tips and advice on building a brand.
  • The “Golden Rule” in building a business: “Just f*ing be nice to people.”
  • What are the two key ingredients in a successful business?
  • When the friendship between Danny and Dean ended (almost).
  • The most important thing between business partners.
  • Tips for new fitness professionals starting their own business.
  • Why you must have belief and passion to succeed.
  • Community and Connection are essential to success in business.
  • How to cultivate community without a brick and mortar business.
  • Why liking other brands and competition are good things.
  • Why Danny yells at random people walking down the street.
  • What’s next for C&K?
  • Who are C&K’s favorite rappers of all time?

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