How to Build Confidence, Unlock Your Full Potential, and Live a Fulfilled Life

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

mike D“We live in a society that’s the same as waking up on Las Vegas Blvd.” – Mike DeSanti

This is the age of opportunity. It has never been easier to connect with people and live life on your own terms.

But with that freedom comes distraction, endless stimuli, and an onslaught of  requests that try to pull you in thousands of directions at once.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, text messages, emails, huge billboards, loud advertising, hacks, tips, tricks. All of them clamoring for your attention. All of them ready to steal you focus and throw you off track.

How do you avoid it? By going back to your core fundamentals.

At least once per week I get asked, “How can I stay motivated?”

Most people think if they can just find enough inspiration, they’d stay the course and reach their goals. They’d finally get ripped, or build that side hustle into a full time business, or start meditating.

But inspiration isn’t the problem. A lack of motivation isn’t either.

Focus, drive, ambition, and ultimately, success, lie a lot deeper in your soul. They come down to commitments, values, authenticity, and integrity.

When you live by these core characteristics, you’re no longer at the whim of any distraction that enters your brain. You don’t fall off the wagon. You don’t lose motivation. You find your sense of purpose. Your sense of mission that drives you to attack each day with a relentless passion.

But discovering your core values are can be a difficult process. One that few people can go through. At least not alone.

If you’re looking for some help connecting your internal mission to your external life, then you have to listen to today’s episode with one of my oldest friends, Mike DeSanti.

Mike is an expert in personal development and one of the most insightful guys I know. His ability to help people unlock their full potential is unlike anything I have ever seen, and in today’s episode, he is here to help you go through that process for yourself.

Tune in to learn the practical strategies for unleashing your best self and living a life of ultimate fulfillment.

And if you only have a couple minutes, be sure to listen to the section where Mike talks about the essential skills every man must have in 2016.

If you want more from Mike, you can reach him at and check out his website 

You can also listen to his other Renegade Radio appearance below.

Today’s Topics Include

  • 2:20: Shout outs to the awesome listeners of Renegade Radio including recent prize winners
  • 3:30: The biggest lessons from the recent Renegade Strength Camp
  • 7:24: Mike talks about his sweat lodge experience with recent podcast guest Jim Smith
  • 13:30: What’s difference between religion and spirituality?
  • 16:14: The most profound impact of meditation
  • 19:28: Here’s what happened when I had some edible weed before going into the float tank
  • 21:58: “We live in a society that’s the same as waking up on Las Vegas Blvd.”
  • 26:40: Mike and I discuss why we have never gravitated towards religion
  • 31:00: How to handle the negativity and tragic events in the world
  • 33:09: “The gifts you have to give to the world are only valuable if you open them.”
  • 37:43: What does it take to really be happy in life? It’s not what you think
  • 42:00: Why you must have a support system of accountability behind you
  • 44:14: How to finally stick to habits and avoid “falling off the wagon” for the rest of your life.
  • 48:50: Which knee and elbow sleeves do I wear? Plus, a rant on looking like a leader
  • 55:55: My top 5 favorite hip hop groups of all time
  • 57:34: What’s on my current training list?
  • 58:41: Mike’s best tips for beating anxiety
  • 1:01:30: Essential habits and skills for being a modern man
  • 1:06:30: Why the scarcity mindset will sabotage your success
  • 1:15:44: A potent reminder that it’s never too late to get better and that you’ll never peak if you don’t believe you will.

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