The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims – Episode 207

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Steve Sims, my guest on the new #RenegadeRadioPodcast, makes dreams come true.  And, whether you want to achieve your own goals or get better at helping your customers reach theirs, he can teach you to do the same.

Steve is the founder of Bluefish, the world’s foremost luxury concierge service.  Bluefish provides extraordinary experiences and the highest level of personalized service to celebrities, athletes, corporate executives and other A-list clientele.  Steve and his team have made things like taking a submarine trip to the Titanic and hanging out with legendary rock stars possible for their customers.  His business provides people with memories that last a lifetime.  Steve is also the author of “Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen.”

This episode is jam-packed with incredible insights that will help take your business, relationships, and life to a higher level.  The wisdom that Steve shares in his straightforward, no BS style seems like common sense though his results have been anything but common.  This one is a game changer.  Listen, take notes and enjoy.

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Show Notes:

  • Steve’s humble beginnings in Ireland and the moment he decided he wanted a different future.  [3:42]
  • How he bluffed his way into a free trip to Hong Kong, a rent-free apartment, and a severance package from a job he never really had.  [5:17]
  • The introduction to Hong Kong “door work” that revealed his flair for planning events.  [8:45]
  • His ingenious strategy for becoming acquainted with people of influence and power.  [10:27]
  • Why he enforced his “no prick” policy.  [12:16]
  • The origins of Bluefish and why Steve continued to work the door after he no longer needed to.  [15:45]
  • How Steve got his first clients and his simple advice for achieving your goals.  [19:46]
  • Why you should never ask a question that people can say “no” to (unless “no” is the answer you want).  [23:25]
  • The difference between being easy to understand and impossible to misunderstand.  [25:07]
  • Why Steve doesn’t like “authenticity” and he prefers transparency.  [25:24]
  • Why you should always lead with what’s in it for them.  [26:35]
  • How to stand out in the crowd.  [28:42]
  • How to use Steve’s “chug test” to ensure you only have the right people in your life.  [30:06]
  • Steve’s advice for building community and connection.  [32:32]
  • Why attention to detail and follow up are critical for building relationships.  [36:52]
  • His favorite ways of communicating and why email isn’t one of them.  [43:09]
  • Simple, easy to implement tips for people who want to start a business and why you should embrace failure.  [50:29]
  • How he bounces back from setbacks and failure.  [52:25]
  • What you should do if you have no idea what you want to do with your life.  [56:43]
  • Some of the coolest experiences that Steve has set up for people.  [58:14]
  • His approach to learning things about people that he hasn’t met yet.  [59:11]
  • His new book, “Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen”.  [1:01:51]


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