The 4 Killers of Muscle Growth

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Renegade Strength Club member, Keith Schwartz asked me an interesting question.

“Jay, how the hell do you do it? Before doing your workouts I used programs by a lot of the big names in fitness. My joints were always hurting, I never had much energy, and my gains were pretty shitty.  Forget about the XXX (deleted) workouts.

Don’t even get me started on how much those suck. Every time I did those I left the gym feeling smaller and weaker and was totally exhausted.  Then I had to drag my ass through the entire day.

With your style of programming I’m finally feeling good and making gains.  I’m just trying to figure out what exactly is in the magic sauce. Thanks man!”

So exactly how the hell do I do it?

Well, firstly I’ve been doing it since 1994. That’s a hell of a lot of experimenting and tweaking.

Warren Buffet said he spends the majority of his time thinking and reading.  While probably not to the same extent, I do the same.

Then I come up with new theories and test them. We evaluate, eliminate, adapt and perfect.

My main focus is to minimize the four horsemen that kill your gains:

  • Extreme muscle soreness
  • CNS fatigue
  • Joint degradation
  • Excessive spinal compression

The above factors are commonplace in the majority of strength training programs. That’s why you feel like shit when doing them. When you switch over to Renegade workouts you can’t believe how good you feel.

When you’re not beat up and fried all the time it becomes much easier for your body to grow. Pretty simple.

Unfortunately, most coaches and trainers just don’t get it.

Oh well. Not my concern.

Your gains and health are all I’m worried about.

All aboard the gain train:

Jay Ferruggia