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Worst Way to Get a 6 Pack

This sounds insane to me now, but I used to do 500 sit-ups per day. Then I heard that sit-ups were bad for your back. That made sense since my back was starting to kill me. I was only in my early twenties so I figured I had to be doing something wrong. So I switched to crunches. And did 500 of those per day. Guess how my abs looked from all those sit-ups and crunches? I couldn’t tell you. Because I couldn’t see them. There was just a smooth,… continue reading.

The 4 Killers of Muscle Growth

Renegade Strength Club member, Keith Schwartz asked me an interesting question. “Jay, how the hell do you do it? Before doing your workouts I used programs by a lot of the big names in fitness. My joints were always hurting, I never had much energy, and my gains were pretty shitty.  Forget about the XXX (deleted) workouts. Don’t even get me started on how much those suck. Every time I did those I left the gym feeling smaller and weaker and was totally exhausted.  Then I had to drag my… continue reading.