The #1 Thing to Help You Get Fit & Focused

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

BBP_4359We’re all overwhelmed with too many options and too much information.

We all make the mistakes of trying to take on too many new habits at once.

What if we could fix both of those? What kind of results could we get? Both in our fitness and in all aspects of our lives?

The One Thing, one of my favorite books, talks about the 6 big lies between you and success.  One of them is that everything matters equally. That’s total BS. Very few things truly matter.

Another is the myth of discipline, and that willpower is always on call. If you believe those lies you sabotage your results.

Today, I talk about the one thing you need to do with your diet and training to get in your best shape for summer.

We’ll also discuss what you need to do to make habits stick, be more productive, and improve your finances and your happiness.

Topics include:

  • How to determine the #1 diet change that will get you ripped
  • How to increase your gains in the gym
  • What your workout schedule should be
  • How to avoid falling off the wagon
  • HIIT workouts for maximum fat loss
  • The one thing holding you back from accomplishing everything you want
  • How to use the “focusing question” to simplify your life and amplify your results
  • The myth of balance
  • The importance of saying no
  • How to stop being so overwhelmed

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