Top 10 Mass Building Tips

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Muscle

Top 10 Mass Building TipsYou want to build muscle.

That’s why you’re here.

So let’s cut out all the nonsense that doesn’t matter and get right to the heart of what really does.

Follow these top 10 mass building tips and you will definitely be on the road to getting bigger and stronger, faster than ever before.

1) Do 4 Hard Strength Training Workouts Per Week

Some guys can train more often than this but for most average people with busy, stressful lives four sessions does the job quite nicely. This is especially true if you are doing other physical activities such as hill sprints, jumping rope, and playing sports on a regular basis.

When your goal is to build muscle, recovery time is just as important as training time. You grow when you are recovering; not when you are training.

2) Limit Your Workouts to 45-60 Minutes

The hormonal response to training is a very important consideration. To keep your anabolic (muscle building) hormones high and catabolic (muscle destroying) hormones low you want to keep your workouts under an hour.

If you can’t get the job done in that time frame you are half assing it. On top of that, results are greatest when energy and mental focus are at their highest. That is during the first 30  minutes of your workout.

Get in, warm up, hit it hard, and get out.

3) Use Big, Compound Exercises

Squats, deadlifts, military presses and loaded carries should always be the bread and butter of your training programs. Show me a guy who can trap bar deadlift 405 pounds for ten reps and I will show you a guy with an incredibly muscular back that didn’t require any bent over lateral raises or pullovers.

Someone who can military press 165 for reps is going to have big, round shoulders and is probably not going to need cable lateral raises. If you can squat 315 for 20 your legs will be jacked and I honestly don’t see what a set of leg extensions could give you on top of the squats.

Watch the Worlds Strongest Man Contest on ESPN 2 and tell me if you see massive gaps of missing muscle on any of those guys.

4) Adhere to the Overload Principle

Over the course of time you have to continually force the body to adapt.

The same workouts, done repeatedly, will stop yielding results rather quickly.

You need to challenge yourself to do more. Overload comes in many forms. You can:

  • Add weight to the bar
  • Do more reps with the same weight
  • Do more work in the same amount of time
  • Do the same amount of work in less time
  • Do more work in less time
  • Do higher quality sets
  • Be more explosive on your sets
  • Learn to feel the muscle through every inch of the range of motion.

Keep in mind however, that you can’t make progress at every single training session forever. That would be impossible and attempting to do so would lead to injuries.

You will have a bad day from time to time so autoregulate based on how you are feeling each day and strive for long term progress.

5) Train in the Range of 70-85% of Your Max (1RM)

For the most part, any set done with less than 70% of your max won’t recruit enough motor units to induce optimal muscle growth.  This means that if you can press 200 pounds for a max single you’d want your working sets to be the range of 140-170 pounds. Anything under 140 will really just be a warm up set, not a set that will produce size and strength.

Now, there is some gray area here because you do a get a training effect with sets in the 50-60% range but that is usually reserved for speed and power work.

Anything in the 80-85% range is usually enough to maximize motor unit recruitment right from the very first rep of the set, which essentially means you’ll be stimulating almost all of the available muscle fibers.

6) Never Underestimate the Power of Bodyweight Training

While squats, deads and presses are great you should also include bodyweight exercises in every one of your training programs. They recruit a shitload of muscle and help you learn the concept of maximal tension.

Instead of machine rows do ring rows.

Instead of lying dumbbell presses do ring pushups.

Instead of crunches do ab fall outs on rings or an ab wheel.

Instead of leg curls do glute ham raises.

Instead of pushdowns do dips.

7) Make Some Changes to Your Program Every Few Weeks

Your body will eventually adapt to the same stimulus and you need to change things up once in a while if you want to avoid overuse injuries. This doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul but a few minor changes of exercises, grip width or rep ranges here and there will be enough.

Beginners should stick with the same program longer while advanced guys will eventually need to start making some changes every 1-3 weeks. 

8) Eat Like a Man

Some guys who complain about not being able to gain size just aren’t getting the job done in the kitchen. I’ve been out to dinner with so called “hardgainers” who pick at their food like birds.

You not only have to load plates in the gym but at the dinner table.

If you’re painfully skinny then force feed yourself if you have to.

To avoid getting fat in your quest to pack on size use The Renegade Diet.

9) Sleep 8 Hours Per Night & Take Naps If Possible

Sleep is when you recover and grow. Deep sleep boosts your growth hormone and testosterone levels and also helps manage your cortisol levels and improve your insulin sensitivity. Without sufficient sleep your results will suffer dramatically.

10) Maximize Your Recovery Ability

The workout stimulates the muscles and supplies the signal for growth. Then you have to feed the body and let it recover. This is when the growth process takes place. If you have shitty recovery you’ll never grow. So do all you can to maximize your recovery ability.

Take contrast showers or baths after training, stretch, ice, use foam rollers, meditate , eliminate stress, go for a walk or swim on off days, get massages and anything else you can think of to help you recover faster between workouts.

Bonus Tip:  Find a Good Training Partner(s) & Gym

Who you train with and where you train can make a huge difference. You may think you are training hard at Ballys until you step into a real gym. You may think you are moving some big weights at Family Fitness until you start training around guys who really know how to train.

Finding good training partners and a good training environment can make all the difference in the world in your progress. When you have someone there to motivate you and to compete against your results will be amplified tremendously.

Since there are fewer and fewer real gyms out there today, getting one or two of your buddies and starting a garage or basement gym might be your best option.