14 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I used to think the definition of a “hardgainer” was a skinny dude who had trouble gaining muscle.

But now I know that’s not true.

A skinny ripped dude is just too lazy too eat. That’s his only problem.

A “hardgainer” is the skinny fat guy who has zero muscle mass with an A-frame physique, narrow shoulders, pipe cleaner arms, a little belly and soft pecs.

They’re everywhere these days.

For some odd reason it seems like not as many of these guys existed years ago. The majority of skinny guys were leaner.

The ever declining quality of our food and water supply surely has something to do with it.

These guys are hormonally fucked.

Their cortisol and estrogen is too high, their insulin sensitivity is horrendous and their testosterone levels are too low.

So hormone optimization really becomes the key to transforming a hardgainer.

The number one factor above all else is going to be improving sleep quality.

Hardgainers always struggle with this because of their hormonal make up and their personalities. They are usually wired with tons of nervous energy and tend to think too much and overanalyze things.

That’s some shit you need to get over on your own. Read some Zen books and chill the fuck out.

In the meantime here are 14 tips that will help you sleep better:

1) Get to Bed Earlier

Go to bed by 10:30 or 11pm at the latest. Ideally you should be going to bed with the moon and rising with the sun. Since that’s not going to happen for most of us try to come as close as you can.

2) Cut the Lights

Wind down and lower the lights after it gets dark. Bright, Yankee Stadium-like lights in the house will keep you stimulated and awake longer. Use the dimmer switch or light some candles.

3) Get Off the Computer by 8pm

The light of a computer or TV screen will get you overstimulated and make it harder to sleep. It will also lower melatonin production and fry your pineal gland.

4) Read a Book

They still make those, ya know. But it has to be something non stimulating (that won’t get your mind racing with ideas, etc.) like fiction or an autobiography. No training or biz or motivational books.

5) Take an Ice Bath or Shower

Taking an ice cold bath or shower an hour before bed knocks you out pretty nicely. But I mean ICE COLD, as in this is not a comfortable experience in the least and shrinkage should be at an all time high. For that reason, if you plan on having sex that evening it’d be best to do it before the icy plunge.

6) Train Earlier in the Day

If you have trouble sleeping you should train before 3pm. Training later seems to keep the majority of people with sleep issues up all night. Especially if you do CNS stimulating Renegade style workouts.

7) Get Some Sun

Get 20-30 minutes of sunlight each day or get one of those goLITE’s by Phillips and use it for 15 minutes a day like I do during the winter. This will help improve your natural melatonin production.

8) Try Some Cool Mist

A cool mist humidifier in your room can help you sleep better.

9) Get Rid of the TV

The bedroom is made for sleeping and sex. That’s it. Never have a TV in the bedroom. Instead try the Nightwave, which I also use.

10) Eliminate the Electronics

Ideally you want to have as few electronic devices as possible in the bedroom. This means computers, stereos, alarm clocks, etc. They should all be moved somewhere else, or at the very least- unplugged at night.

11) Can the Cell

I repeat- the bedroom is for sleeping and sex. Never keep your cell phone in the bedroom.

12) Eat Earlier

Try not to eat too close to bed time if this keeps you up. For me I need at least two hours between my last meal or I don’t sleep as well. Experiment with different timing and see what works best for you.

13) Eat Carbs at Night

In The Renegade Diet I prescribe that you eat the majority of your starchy carbs at night. One of the main reasons for this is that you’ll sleep better.

14) Get it On

Have sex an hour or so before going to bed. This is preferably done with another person as your hand doesn’t seem to produce the same knockout effect. Longer duration, high intensity cardio type sessions can also have the opposite effect and keep you up for a few more hours, so keep it short and sweet if you want to get the deepest sleep possible. Yes, I’ve tested these theories thoroughly.

Improving sleep quantity and quality has to take precedence over all else when you want to improve your hormonal profile.

I know most people will ignore this advice and start looking for the greatest new supplement. But trust me NOTHING is more important for your health and your gains in the gym than sleep.

I have struggled with this for years myself and always kick myself for not seriously addressing it sooner. It could have made a world of difference in my progress.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Address this now and your rate of progress and your quality of life will improve dramatically.