Optimizing Your Carb Intake

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Nutrition, Podcast

Optimizing Carb IntakeCarbohydrates are the double edged sword of performance nutrition.

On the one hand, they give you great workouts and make any muscle building diet more effective.  On the other hand, too much of them will slap saggy belly fat on you. Especially if you haven’t gotten lean enough to handle a higher carb diet.

Now, throughout my years of obsessing over how to gain muscle as fast as humanly possible, I’ve tried every diet under the sun.

Ketogenic diets, cyclic ketogenic diets, vegetarian, paleo, and high protein diets. And to this day, I’m always tweaking things to get better performance, more muscle, and fast fat loss.

But, after all of these experiments, there are two beliefs I continue to maintain:

  1. The most dramatic physique transformations occur when you keep carbs as high as possible while staying/getting lean.
  2. There is an enormous amount of variability in the optimal carb intake for each person. 

Obviously, those two statements leave a lot of questions on the table.

  • How do you figure out how many carbs you should eat?
  • What’s the best way to tweak your carbohydrate intake for different goals?
  • How should you time your carb intake for the best results?

It can be a head-spinning topic, but in this week’s episode, I break it all down for you like the simplicity ninja I am. Tune in to learn how to optimize your carb intake, and more.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • 0:11: Why is the podcast title back to “Renegade Radio?”
  • 4:02: What happened when I grabbed Jay-Z’s chain?
  • 5:16: Reminiscing about my days in the NYC club scene
  • 6:51: What music am I currently listening to?
  • 8:21: The aftermath of a 24 year old girl calling my business decisions “unprofessional”
  • 12:35: What is the most important muscle group to stretch for better squats?
  • 13:50: Exercises to avoid when you’re dealing with elbow pain
  • 18:11: What are the go-to spots on an LA vacation?
  • 22:49: My 8 minute rant on carbs
  • 30:19: What should I do to keep my shoulders healthy on off days?
  • 31:18: How to get establish a relationship with a lifelong mentor
  • 39:07: The Renegade Guide To Bigger Shoulders
  • 41:32: How should you train if you have a night of shitty sleep?
  • 43:59: What does my lower body training look like?
  • 48:00: How to get brutally strong without sacrificing size gains
  • 51:56: Why does your sleep fall apart when you train hard?

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