The War on Raw Milk

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Last Wednesday I drove over to Rawesome in Venice, like I do every week, to pick up some meat, produce and a little raw butter, cream and goat yogurt. I arrived at the tail end of a government raid in which the LAPD and government officials poured out all of the raw dairy and left with a flat bed truck full of produce, nuts and bison steaks.

We all know that it’s not in the best interest of big business/ big pharma for us to be healthy. Apparently selling healthy, organic food is now a crime. A crime worthy of jail time and $123,000 bail for the owner, James Stewart.

Like many members of this small co-op I am very passionate about healthy food and was pretty disgusted and had to seriously question the world we live in. There are SOOO many other more important issues to spend taxpayers money on. But instead they choose to focus on raw milk.

Whether you drink raw milk or not I’m sure you can see how insane this is.  At the Whole Foods right next door they sell pasteurized dairy which is a hell of a lot worse for you.  And in the fast food joint next to that that they sell absolute crap that will destroy your insides. Then there’s the liquor store a block down. But booze, cigarettes and French fries are all good. No one ever dies from too much of those items. So let them be. Take down the little organic food market instead. That’s more worthy of a raid than any crack house around.

The ridiculousness of it all leaves me at a total loss for words.

Here’s what had to say about the raid:

“Obviously spending this much time and this many resources to bust people selling dairy products is silly. Making arrests, rather than simply issuing a fine for non-compliance, is silly.  And yes, the fundamental issue here is the silliness of requiring permits – or making outright bans – to sell raw milk in the first place. Permits typically don’t make us any safer, and can serve to crowd out competition. In this case, big dairy farms are crowding out smaller competitors. “

And here’s some video footage from last Wednesday:

Finally, check out this trailer for the movie Farmageddon and do whatever you can to support sustainable farming and our right to eat healthy foods.


Let me know what you guys think…