Summer Football Training

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Long before I kinda “went mainstream” and had the Hardgainer column every month in Men’s Fitness and became known for my ability to help skinny guys get bigger and stronger there was a smaller, hardcore audience that knew me only as the guy who trained football players and combat athletes in a dungeon gym in New Jersey.

As much as I love getting guys bigger and stronger, when you throw in the element of speed, conditioning and overall improved athleticism I get REALLY excited. That’s my true passion.

If I could only train one type of client it would undoubtedly be football players. Combat athletes would be a close second but football is and always has been my favorite sport. I’ve been a die hard New York Giant’s fan since I was in diapers and I grew up idolizing Walter Payton. You always hear me talking about hill sprints and how they are one of the greatest things you can possibly do. Well, who do you think got me started on hill sprints in the first place? Sweetness, himself.

With football season just around the corner I’ve been getting a ton of email questions lately about training for the gridiron, as I do every year around this time. Since it’s physically impossible for me to answer every single email I get and still have time to work, eat, train and sleep I have done the next best thing…

I buckled down recently and put together the ultimate 12-week summer training program for football. I covered every detail- functional size, strength, speed, power, conditioning, training for the 40, training for the 300 yard shuttle, and more.


With the announcement yesterday that the 2014 Super Bowl is going to be held at Giants Stadium I decided it was the perfect time to put the finishing touches on this program and get it out to you guys.

This is a complete step-by-step blueprint for creating the ultimate bad-ass gridiron warrior.

I realize this is kinda last minute, but even if you don’t have 12 weeks ‘til camp starts you can start implementing this program immediately and start on the appropriate training week. I explain it all in the manual.

This is an absolute must have for coaches, trainers and athletes.

Some of you who don’t play football or train football players may be wondering if this program is for you. Well, if you’re interested in training like an athlete, building real, world functional size and strength along with explosive speed and power this summer, then yes, the program will work for you. It might be fun to do something different for a few months. Even if you choose to skip the running you could still do the strength workouts.

Oh, and one last thing…

Renegade Strength & Conditioning For Football is only available until this Saturday at midnight EST. After that I’m pulling it down ‘til next spring.

Check it out:

Train hard,
Jason Ferruggia