Zach Even-Esh on Strength, Personal Growth & Finding Your Bigger Purpose

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

zach-even-esh-strengthIn the latest episode of Renegade Radio I sat down with an old buddy of mine, and author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning, Zach Even-Esh.

Our friendship started over a decade ago on AOL Instant Messenger and we’ve had a similar evolution. Zach is the epitome of passion and hustle and continues to push himself every day.

He always recommends getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. And he lives it every day. If you want to get pumped up and inspired be sure to give this episode a listen.

Today’s Podcast Topics Include:

  • I give my thoughts on the Ray Rice/NFL situation
  • The evolution of our 13 year friendship that started on AOL Instant Messenger
  • How Zach got started training
  • Mistakes he’s made along the way
  • How his training has evolved
  • One mistake every amateur trainer makes
  • How training for maximal strength at all costs breaks you down
  • Why you need to listen to your body and autoregulate your workouts
  • The best thing you can do before each training session
  • Two documentaries everyone needs to watch
  • Why you should never be intimated
  • Recommended reading for all athletes
  • Why taking one actionable idea from any kind of teaching is better than a binder full of notes
  • Business lessons Zach’s learned the hard way
  • The most important life lessons he’s learned along the way

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Notes From The Show

To hear more from Zach, check out or hit him up on Twitter @ZEvenEsh.

Grab a copy of Zach’s latest book, The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning.

Two documentaries Zach encourages everyone to check out are Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Bones Brigade.


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