Becoming Great with Olympic Medal Boxer Tony Jeffries

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


My guest today is Tony Jeffries. Tony was one of the top amateur boxers in Europe, a 9-time national title winner, a bronze medal winner at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and an undefeated professional boxer. He’s also the owner of the ultra successful Box n Burn gyms and Box n Burn Academy.


Topics Include:

  • How Tony got started boxing at age 10
  • What it feels like to get in the ring in front of a crowd
  • The importance of rites of passage and controlled violence
  • How it feels to knock a guy out
  • The road to the Olympics
  • Training with Lennox Lewis
  • His workout and diet program
  • His favorite boxers and dream opponents
  • Lessons from the ring he applied to real life
  • His daily routines
  • Opening Box n Burn and growing it to 7 figures
  • Tips on building a successful business

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