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Monday Morning

Written by Jason Ferruggia Topics: Motivation

cup-of-coffee11The cold, harsh reality of Monday morning.

Potential unfilled, promises broken, dreams unlived.

The lack of control, the lack of discipline, the lack of structure.

Wants, hopes, desires.

Self doubt slowly becoming self-loathing.

Check email, check status updates, check feeds.

Comparisons, envy, jealousy.

Stay busy, blend in, play it safe.

Swimming in mediocrity. In an overcrowded infinity pool.

Drones, sheep, Kool Aid drinkers.

I lack the skills, I lack the smarts, I lack the money.

Settle for less, follow the rules, “act like an adult.”

The ruthless honesty of the bathroom mirror.

Wear the uniform, join the country club, tow the line.

Smile, self medicate, repeat.

Lie to friends, lie to coworkers, lie to spouses.

But how long can we lie to ourselves?