Leaner, Stronger, Healthier with Chris Bell – Episode 191

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Wanna learn how to manage pain and addiction without resorting to dangerous pills that wreck your health?

I discuss those topics and more with Chris Bell on the new #RenegadeRadioPodcast.

Chris is an accomplished filmmaker and the director of many outstanding documentaries including Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Prescription Thugs and Trophy Kids.  In this episode, we discuss his struggles with pain and addiction, and how he found natural ways to regain sobriety and alleviate his pain. We delve into what inspired him to become a filmmaker, how his brothers have influenced and inspired him, his latest documentary, and so much more.

Topics Include:

  • His struggles with arthritis, depression, pain, and addiction.  4:09
  • Sobriety and ways to relieve pain naturally with your diet.  8:04
  • How a keto diet once put Chris in the emergency room.  11:12
  • A few reasons for Mark Bell’s massive success.  16:21
  • The Chris Bell Reading List to transform your life.  16:35
  • His impressive weight loss and total health transformation.  21:34
  • Mad Dog Bell’s gift to his brothers and, ultimately, the world.  28:09
  • Where the Bell brothers’ drive comes from 33:44
  • Government job or USC Film School?  How Chris ended up going to the best film school in the US.  37:29
  • The School of Hard Knocks: Chris’ first 10 years in the film industry.  40:39
  • The origins of Chris’ most popular documentary to date “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”. 41:34
  • The inspiration for creating “Prescription Thugs” and what happened to Chris during the making of the documentary.  48:12
  • Chris is introduced to Kratom by a Pro Wrestler and his new film “A Leaf of Faith”.  52:59
  • The dream that Chris says changed his life.  56:59
  • The benefits of CBD oil and THC and why everyone should feel euphoria.  57:59
  • Is there a new-age “pothead”?  59:57
  • How Chris’ training has evolved over the years, the crazy methods he and Mark have used and the influence of Westside.  1:02:54
  • Meeting Dorian Yates and getting more out of less training.  1:06:44
  • Chris and Mark’s childhood inspiration to start training.  1:07:36
  • Chris’ new documentary “A Leaf of Faith” about natural pain relief with Kratom.  1:16:04

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