How to Lead, Command Attention, and Increase Confidence with Michael Port – Episode 203

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Whether it’s in a boardroom in front of a group of co-workers, having dinner with potential clients, or giving a speech in front of your gym members, we all perform in some way.  If you want to learn the skills to deliver a great performance every time don’t miss Episode 203 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast.

Michael Port is my guest in this episode.  He was once a professional actor, guest starring on many hit TV shows.  Now Michael is the NY Times best-selling author of “Book Yourself Solid” and “Steal the Show.”  He is also the creator of and the host of the most popular podcast on public speaking and performance, “Steal the Show”.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Michael’s background as an actor and fitness coach.  3:53
  • Building relationships is everything, no matter what industry you’re in.  10:35
  • Why you should stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on others, especially if you’re struggling.  13:33
  • The simple formula that will help build your network.  18:03
  • Why your level of success is correlated with the amount of responsibility you can handle.  23:12
  • Why it’s important to audit yourself and to understand that you will change over time.  26:13
  • Is being shy and being an introvert the same thing?  27:18
  • Why you need to become comfortable with things that make you uncomfortable.  28:13
  • How using the fundamental principle of improv “Yes.  And….” can help you achieve more success in life and business.  30:48
  • How to prepare so well that you can use improvisation and spontaneity.  34:29
  • The two stages of rehearsal that will help you prepare for anything from acting to giving a presentation.  38:49
  • Why getting useful feedback comes down to learning to ask the right questions.  39:05
  • Why you have to know your target audience before giving any speech or presentation.  40:27
  • The three-act structure of great stories and how to effectively use each.  49:39
  • How to deliver better online content.  52:55
  • Tips for new business owners and entrepreneurs.  55:35

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Products Mentioned:

Michael’s books, “Steal the Show” and “Book Yourself Solid”

Heroic Public Speaking

The Think Big Revolution

Academic research by Robin Dunbar on social groups

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