Improved Performance, Effective Training, and The Art of Sports Science with Dr. Fergus Connolly – Episode 215

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Whether you’re a player striving to elevate your game, a coach looking to lead your athletes to victory, or a weekend warrior with the desire to win, everyone wants to improve their performance. If you want the slight edge to help you rise above the competition look no further than the new #RenegadeRadioPodcast with Dr. Fergus Connolly.

Dr. Connolly is the University of Michigan Football Performance & Operations Director. He previously worked as a performance expert with several NFL teams and Major League Soccer clubs. In his new book, “Game Changer: The Art of Sports Science,” Dr. Connolly tackles the misconceptions about sports science and provides a comprehensive view of team sport performance.

In this episode we discuss the ideal training schedule for the average person looking to get jacked. Fergus explains why data can be useful, but obsessively tracking everything can be problematic. We delve into the difference between maximal and optimal strength, what makes a great coach, how to select the best training and recovery methods and much more.

For tips to help improve your performance, straight from one of the world’s leading performance experts, listen as we discuss:

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Show Notes:

  • How he used data to show the San Francisco 49ers why players get injured. [7:11]
  • The ideal training schedule for the average guy or girl, and the “3 rhythms of life”. [10:38]
  • The benefits of the high/low training system. [13:14]
    Why collecting data can be a double-edged sword. [18:56]
  • The difference between maximal strength and optimal strength and how to develop the other attributes that makes players great. [23:28]
  • Why kids should play multiple sports instead of specializing in one. [25:30]
  • General rules for strength training to improve sports performance. [27:22]
  • Why game experience and skill development are more important than strength training for young athletes. [31:09]
  • His thoughts on the poor quality food served at most universities and what the University of Michigan does differently. [33:24]
  • What makes a great coach? [40:28]
  • The best coaching advice Fergus ever received. [42:14]
    One simple habit to improve your performance and become more successful. [43:36]
  • Why the most effective training and recovery methods are largely based on an athlete’s personality type. [45:26]
  • Should people with “Type A” personalities avoid explosive training? [50:17]


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