Getting Jacked & Strong With Calisthenics

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Can you get strong and jacked with nothing but your own bodyweight? Or is that just for beginners? Doesn’t bodyweight training just build endurance, but no real muscle and strength?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Do you really need tons of fancy equipment? Do you need an expensive gym membership? Or can calisthenics alone build a great physique?

Hell yeah, they can. Danny and Al Kavadlo are my guests on this episode of Renegade Radio and are here to show you how it’s done.

Topics Include:

  • The best splits for getting jacked.
  • The downside of always being ripped.
  • How to simplify your nutrition for better results.
  • The top bodyweight exercises for building muscle.
  • How much cardio and conditioning do you really need?
  • The biggest mistakes people make when doing calisthenics.
  • How often you should change your program for the best results.
  • The critical difference between skill training and strength training.
  • How to optimally combine weight training with bodyweight exercises.

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