How to Eat Whatever You Want and Look Freakin’ Amazing

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

rsc1t “Hey Joe, always good to see you, my friend.”

That’s what my buddy, Laslov says to me every Sunday morning at the Santa Monica farmers market as he engulfs my tiny mits with his massive bear paws.

I’ve corrected him several times but just don’t have the heart to keep doing it.

So for a brief moment in time each week I’m Joe, not Jay.

My wife, Jen and I pick up a jar of freshly ground pecan butter from him along with a handful of green plums, both of which are absolutely delicious.

Then we go to Harry’s Berries for the Gaviota strawberries. I’ve become friendly with the guy who owns it so he keeps a three pack behind the table for me since they always sell out within the first hour. They’re that damn good.

Next, we make our way past all the incredible looking breakfast stands that are firing up eggs, waffles, burritos, crepes and breakfast sandwiches of every kind, en route to the greens lady. I like getting to know everybody but this is one nut I can’t crack. So we just grab a few heads of bok choy, kale, dino kale and chard along with some cucumbers and onions and head on to the next stand without much conversation.

“Heeeeeyyyy baby, what’s up? Come have breakfast with me,” shouts my buddy at the potato stand with the big mop of curly hair and a headful of stories about the old days.

Any shows coming up,” he asks while cutting me a slice of some type of melon I’ve never seen before.

Yeah, I saw that Citizen Cope, the Shins and The Black Keys are all coming to town in the next few weeks. I might go check out at least one of them, if not all.

After forgetting for a second that he’s more old school, I mention that I’ll be going to the Neil Young show at the Hollywood Bowl on the 17th and maybe checking out Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin experience as well.

We grab a few purple potatoes and some squash blossoms before continuing on.

Suddenly I catch a whiff of piss. I turn to notice the homeless guy who’s usually parked on the wall outside the American Apparel store. He’s decided to wander through the market while chatting on his cell phone. I contemplate asking him where the bill gets sent each month but figure it would be rude to interrupt his conversation. We give each other the bro nod, as we usually do and keep it moving.

We finish our shopping by stocking up on avocadoes, blueberries, raspberries, purple plums, tomatoes, lemons, fresh salmon, and dairy free pesto (which Jen makes some incredibly tasty chicken with).

Sunday Brunch Time

After unloading everything into the fridge we decide that it’s the perfect day for Sunday brunch since the Giants weren’t playing and neither of the first two games being shown in LA were particularly exciting. There will be few opportunities like this on any Sunday between now and February so we figure we gotta capitalize.

I argue for Post in Manhattan Beach (AWESOME) but Jen suggests we go somewhere we haven’t been. Since it’s her birthday weekend I concede and we go to Joe’s on Abbot Kinney.

Before I know it the table is covered with banana bread, raspberry coffee cakes with vanilla cream, French toast, pancakes, poached eggs with crab hash, bacon and fruit.

Jen does her normal routine and eats a few bites of everything, finishing half of one plate at the very most, and I clean up on the rest.

With Sunday brunch and a stroll along the beach over and done with it was time to settle in for some football.

What’s Football Without Pizza?

My wife displaying the results of The Renegade Diet.

Of course you can’t have football without pizza. So after a gnawing down on some organic sweet potato chips and a bag of garlic roasted almonds from the farmers market we decide it’s time for a pie.

Jen offers to make one but since she always does so much cooking during the week and, like I said, it was her birthday weekend, I suggest we order one instead.

Of course, when I know we’re in full on Sunday feast mode there’s no stopping me. So when I run in to grab the pie I also grab a few organic rice krispie treats and sea salted, caramel brownies.

While I don’t feel as good this morning as I would if I had eaten nothing but clean foods all day yesterday I don’t look any different. Neither does Jen.

That’s the beauty of The Renegade Diet. You truly can eat whatever you want with zero repercussions.

Today is Jens birthday, and since we went all out yesterday, we’ll take a much more conservative approach throughout most of the afternoon. But we’ll still eat whatever we want for dinner. Probably even have some dessert too, just like we did last week when we were out for my friend Adam Bornstein’s 30th.

Sacrifice and Reward

My buddy, Nate Miyaki, talks about sacrifice and reward a lot. If you know you have a reward coming your way it’s damn easy to make a sacrifice. Instead of suffering through bland, boring meals each day until you get to the one cheat day of the week on Sunday, you can actually eat delicious foods for dinner every night if you’re willing to sacrifice during the day.

I’m not saying you can have pizza and dessert each night but you can certainly have incredibly delicious meals that never feel like you’re suffering in any way whatsoever.

How you eat is how you’ll feel. So if you eat dairy, gluten and sugar every day you’ll look like crap all the time. But if you eat foods like grass fed beef, cage free eggs, berries, greens, Jasmine rice, sweet potatoes and pumpkin every day you’ll feel and look incredible.

As long as you’re following The Renegade Diet lifestyle.

And when you want to do what we did yesterday, and eat whatever the hell you want, you can get away with that too. I don’t believe in a 100% Spartan lifestyle so I’m gonna drink alcohol and eat junk food from time to time.

Following The Renegade Diet allows me to do so without any negative repercussions.

And believe it or not, I actually prefer NOT to be ripped simply because my face looks hideous when I get below a certain bodyfat percentage. So I try to maintain a certain level and even that takes work. I get leaner without even wanting to by eating like this.

If you’re not on The Renegade Diet you’re missing out, big time. I have hundreds of people in my coaching group that swear they’d never eat any other way. Whether you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle or just feel a lot better than you do right now The Renegade Diet can help.

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