Getting More out of Less with Josh Becker – Episode 199

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In the wise words of Tyler Durden, “We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like”.

It really is true that the things we own end up owning us.  If you’re ready to free your mind, body, and life from the shackles of possessions then you won’t want to miss Episode 199 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast. 

My guest today is Josh Becker, the founder, and editor of  Josh is also the author of the books “The More of Less”, “Simplify”, and “Clutterfree with Kids”.  He discovered minimalism after a brief conversation with an elderly neighbor.  Her advice had such a profound effect on Josh that it revolutionized his life forever.  

Josh explains the steps he took to become a minimalist and the tremendous impact it’s had in his life.  We discuss why de-cluttering is not the same as minimalism and he provides tips for letting go of possessions.  We delve into how to avoid trying to find happiness by buying things.  Josh details his intentional approach to making purchases, the advantages of a limited wardrobe, and much more.  

Topics Include:

  • How Josh first discovered minimalism and started to implement it in his life.  3:15
  • The life-changing sentence that his 80-year-old neighbor said to him.  5:25
  • Why moving stuff from one place to another is not minimalism and how to do it right.  11:48
  • The difference between de-cluttering and minimalism.  12:40
  • Letting go of things that you’re attached to.  14:15
  • How to avoid the trap of buying more stuff to try to find happiness.  28:13
  • How to ensure you’re not buying things for the wrong reasons.  31:16
  • The essential questions to ask before any purchase.  33:36
  • The advantage of having a “uniform” and “Project 333”.  35:45
  • How Josh applies minimalism to everyday life and business.  40:30
  • The biggest impact that minimalism has had on his work.  42:10
  • What we should look for in others in order to learn from them.  47:25
  • His minimalist fitness routine and the “false first step”.  51:43
  • Josh’s morning ritual.  53:38
  • His thoughts on the importance of gratitude and how minimalism has helped make him more generous and content.  54:19

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