Get Strong like a Powerlifter and Jacked like a Bodybuilder with StrongFirst CEO, Fabio Zonin – Episode 259

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Fabio Zonin knows how to get jacked and strong. He is the CEO of StrongFirst, founded by legendary Russian Strength & Conditioning specialist, Pavel Tsatsouline. He’s also a Master Teacher for FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness) and a former vice president of the Italian Association of Natural Bodybuilding.

In this episode Fabio and I give you the keys to unlock your body’s potential. You’ll learn the difference between intensity and effort, why great form trumps everything else, how to gain muscle and feel great at the same time, and much more.

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Show Notes:

  • How did Fabio first get into lifting as a kid? [5:01]
  • When did the transition happen from powerlifting to bodybuilding? [8:41]
  • The TRUE definition of intensity vs. effort. [11:05]
  • How his training progressed over time and the differences between big, free weight lifts and machines. [13:52]
  • Is using proper technique more important than having a great training program? [19:01]
  • High frequency training vs. low volume training – what’s the difference? [24:41]
  • Always be ready for action; the benefits of splitting up your sets throughout the week. [30:06]
  • Can you train to gain 10 lbs. of muscle AND feel mobile, flexible and athletic at all times? [32:16]
  • How did his training change once he met Pavel Tsatsouline? [37:39]
  • If It Flies Right, It Looks Right: Fabio’s journey to a bodybuilding competition. [42:35]
  • What principles does he currently live by? [47:25]
  • What are the StrongFirst principles of training and what programs do they offer? [50:03]
  • Training for more endurance – are YOU making these mistakes? [51:43]
  • What certification courses does StrongFirst offer? [1:14:42]
  • Why it might be time for you to switch up your training program. [1:16:09]


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