Don’t Screw Up Your Training! Most Common Mistakes

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Not seeing the results you want, so you invent your own workout?

Huge mistake.

In this episode I cover that along with ketogenic diets, carb cycling, float tanks, protein powder and the ultimate newbie workout.

I also do the unthinkable for a New York sport fan…

I praise Tom Brady.

At 39 he’s playing at as high a level as he ever has and hasn’t lost a step. So what longevity secrets does he have and how can we apply them to our lives? I cover his diet and lifestyle in full detail.

I also get into the advanced recovery methods that allow Pittsburgh Steeler, James Harrison to continue to terrorize the opposition at 38 years old.

If that’s not enough I give you my playoff and Royal Rumble predictions and answer a ton of your questions.

Topics Include:

  • How to apply the Tom Brady & James Harrison diet and routine for the average Joe [6:22].
  • The power of sports [15:44].
  • My disbelief in the political system [17:28].
  • How to create effective daily affirmations [21:22].
  • Superfly Snuka and getting kicked out of Spanish class [23:41].
  • Over analyzing, paralysis by analysis and self doubt [27:54].
  • The benefits of the float tank and settling your mind [31:14].
  • What is Ketosis and how to set up your diet and training [33:41].
  • Should you take protein powder post workout [41:42].
  • Carb Cycling simplified [50:41].
  • Why I stopped intermittent fasting [52:29].
  • Doc Parsley had it right; every program isn’t for you [56:46].
  • The ultimate newbie workout routine [59:16].

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