Dave Chapelle’s an Idiot

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Not really.

Not at all, actually.  I love Dave. Huge fan of everything he does.

I watched his new Netflix specials recently and laughed my ass off. But I really cringed at one point.

Not because he said something politically incorrect or insensitive. That’s comedy… something that, sadly, needs explaining to a lot of people these days.  

No, what got me was when Dave said that salt is what’s killing more people than anything else.


Here we go again.

Every time I hear a celebrity start talking training or nutrition I tense up. I know more harm will be done.

Salt does NOT increase blood pressure, as Dave insinuated. In fact, it can actually LOWER blood pressure.

An adequate (to high) intake of sodium is ESSENTIAL for performance, physique transformation and overall health and well-being.

It can help raise your metabolism, and reduce inflammation and cramping. It also improves magnesium (an essential mineral for countless bodily functions) absorption. It improves sleep quality. And it helps lower stress hormones.

Protein is another one that is completely misunderstood.

The bodybuilding and fitness world has brainwashed millions of people into thinking that they have to drink shakes and eat meat all day. Pounds and pounds of meat.

The more you eat the more jacked you’ll get.

If it were only that easy. The truth is most of that protein is a waste of money. And it’s wrecking your digestive system, causing inflammation and making you fatter.

I eat about a third of the protein I used to. Lowering it was one of the things that finally helped me get visible abs.

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