How to Change Your Life Through Fitness with Chris Dufey – Episode 195

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Training is not just about building bigger muscles. It’s about building a new you, inside and out. Ask anyone who’s experienced a real transformation. They’ll tell you the physical changes are only part of the equation.  It’s the newfound confidence and emotional strength that truly changes a person and sets them on course towards a new life.

Chris Dufey is a personal trainer, author, speaker and podcast host.  As an overweight kid, Chris struggled with depression, shyness, and inability to make friends.  After high school he found fitness and it changed his life.  His incredible transformation inspired him to help other people change their lives through fitness.

Chris is my guest on episode 195 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast.

Topics Include:

  • How Chris found fitness and discovered he wanted to make a career out of helping other people.  2:49
  • His early training methods and mistakes he made along the way.  4:52
  • Why even coaches need coaching in order to become their best.  7:59
  • The training principles that Chris believes in today and his instinctive approach to training.  8:56
  • Chris’ advice for beginner to intermediate lifters and why training principles should vary based on a person’s training experience.  10:55
  • The most important question – are you progressing?  13:44
  • How to simplify nutrition to make it fit your lifestyle and the “anti-douchebag” approach to intermittent fasting.  14:44
  • Chris’ favorite recovery methods and ways to reduce stress.  20:53
  • Why the story you tell yourself is so important.  22:56
  • His morning routine for happiness, health, and productivity and why people should identify their “one thing”.  26:06
  • “Brain Training” – a new way to think of meditation.  27:46
  • The evolution of Chris’ fitness business and useful advice for new fitness professionals.  28:21
  • How Chris developed the coaching and business skills that led to the creation of My Body Blends and The Coaches Cartel.  33:30
  • The “Red Velvet Rope” of Chris’ business and why he asks himself “would I have this person over for dinner with my family” before deciding to work with clients.  35:09
  • Tips for building brick and mortar and online businesses and why Chris says you don’t necessarily need an avatar when you’re first starting out.  36:47
  • Why Social Media is a double-edged sword.  40:06
  • Success tips that you won’t hear everywhere else.  40:35
  • Facebook for building your business – what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.  42:10

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