Bulletproof Your Body and Dominate Your Training with Steve and Lindsay Sudell – Episode 197

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Wanna build muscle and gain strength without constant, nagging injuries? Imagine how much better your results would be if you could recover faster from training.

If you want to bulletproof your body and feel superhuman, episode 197 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast is just what the doctor ordered.

My guests are Lindsay and Steve Sudell.  Lindsay is an Occupational Therapist and Fascial Stretch Therapist.  She’s also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Crossfit L1 Trainer. Her husband, Dr. Steve Sudell, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Licensed Athletic Trainer.  They run an innovative Wellness Clinic that provides a host of services focused on injury prevention and optimization of athletic performance.

In this episode we delve into all things training including; preventing injuries, increasing mobility, recovering from workouts, improving your squats, strengthening your core and much, much more.

Topics Include:

  • Lindsay’s training methods as a beginner.  6:18
  • Steve’s beginnings in Cross Fit and how it inspired the idea for his PT business, Prehab 2 Perform. 9:08
  • How Steve’s training has evolved and how participating in Cross Fit competitions helped to improve his business. 10:08
  • The main problems with Cross Fit and how Steve and Lindsay adjust their own training and the programs they prescribe to clients.  12:35
  • The simple but critical component that’s missing from most people’s training and how to optimize your pre-workout warm up.  15:13
  • Common mobility issues that prevent people from correctly performing Squats and how to fix them.  18:36
  • Attention Ladies: The negative impact of wearing high heels and why everyone should leave their Olympic lifting shoes at home sometimes.  20:48
  • Is everyone capable of doing Squats correctly?  23:03
  • The best exercises to warm up your shoulders and prepare for overhead pressing.  23:53
  • Can people foam roll too often with too much intensity?  26:18
  • How to fire up your CNS for a great training session.  29:18
  • Lindsay explains how to properly activate and strengthen your core with the “Chattanooga Biofeedback Cuff” and two of Steve’s favorite core exercises. 32:06
  • Additional thoughts on Olympic Lifting Shoes and why lifting belts, knee sleeves, and other lifting gear might be holding you back.  38:23
  • Why you should avoid spinal flexion and what you should do instead.  43:33
  • Lindsay and Steve’s thoughts on the value of unilateral movements for health and mobility and a few of their favorite unilateral exercises.  48:48
  • Lindsay’s retort to people who say stretching is unnecessary.  53:08
  • Office workers beware: Tips for improving mobility and increasing activity if you sit at work all day. 53:43
  • Lindsay’s favorite exercises for improving your glutes (A.K.A your booty).  56:16
  • The benefits of doing Squats multiple times per week.  56:55
  • The training template that Steve recommends for the average busy person who wants to get jacked.  59:26
  • Why a cooldown is so important, how to do it correctly and how to optimize recovery in the first few hours post workout.  1:03:51
  • What is Fascial Stretch Therapy and where can people get it?  1:06:21
  • Why stretching properly before a workout will improve performance and help prevent injuries.  1:08:59
  • What is Graston and how does it help improve mobility?  1:09:46
  • Lifestyle tips to help improve recovery, performance, and health.  1:13:06
  • Lindsay and Steve’s advice for running a business with your spouse without killing each other.  1:16:46
  • Business lessons they’ve learned and the challenges they’ve had to overcome. 1:18:41

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