The Biggest Nutrition Mistake You Could Make

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Tom couldn’t figure it out. Why was it that every time he’d bust his ass to gain ten pounds over the course of 3-4 months he’d always end up hating the way he looked?

He was bigger but fatter. Out of the ten pounds six or seven was always pure, gelatinous, adipose tissue, also known as body-fat.

No matter what he did the results were always the same. If he ate higher carbs and lower fat or lower carbs and higher fat the same thing would happen when he went on a rapid bulk plan….

He just got fat.

Then about three months in he’d realize how awful he looked and he’d get depressed. Immediately he’d start dieting and crank up the cardio.

A week or two later he’d look even worse because he had dropped some initial water weight that was stored in the muscles, giving them a fuller, harder appearance. Now he was not only fat but smaller, softer, sloppier and completely deflated.

Talk about a crushing blow to a guy’s ego.

Eventually Tom would diet the fat off and along with it the muscle he had gained. He was back in the same place he started.

Since he was used to this continual, never ending cycle he had two sets of t-shirts. One for when he was bigger and fatter that was a bit more loosely cut to hide his ta-ta’s and spare tire, and another set of thin, tighter shirts to show off his leaner physique.

After a few years of this merry go round he’d grown used to changing up the wardrobe every three months or so.

The only thing he hadn’t gotten used to was getting results. Tom just went up and down repeatedly, never really getting anywhere. At the end of each dieting period he was the exact same weight and body-fat percentage he’d been for the last 6-8 years.

Is This Starting to Sound Uncomfortably Familiar?

I’m sure, for many of you, Tom’s story is starting to sound way too familiar. That’s because after your first 2-3 years of proper training and eating your newbie gains will come to a screeching halt, no matter what you do.

During those first few years the gains are magical and you can put on twenty pounds like it’s nothing. That kind of spoils you for what the remainder of your training life is going to be like.

It’s almost like a rookie player getting to a Super Bowl during his first season on a 15-1 dynasty team. Then you get traded to the worst team in the league and things are never quite the same.

The reality is that after your first few years of training a gain of five pounds of real, solid muscle, with zero increase in body-fat, in one years time would be HUGE.

But most people never even gain that because they sabotage themselves by bulking and cutting repeatedly so they remain the exact same size forever. If you could just get off of that merry go round and accept a slower rate of muscle growth (because that’s all that’s humanly possible) you’d actually be able to make some gains.

And 12-24 months from now you’d be bigger and stronger, and would look noticeably different than you do right now.

5 Pounds of Muscle Can Drastically Change Your Physique

Let’s take a real, honest look at how dramatically five pounds of muscle would change your physique. Go to the butchers counter at Whole Foods and check out your average eight-ounce New York strip steak.

Now imagine one of those molded into each trap. You’d think you looked like Road Warrior Hawk with that additional mass. And that’s just one pound of muscle.

Now slap one of those on each pec. There’s two pounds of muscle.

Add another to each arm and the tape measure goes up a bit and your sleeves start tightening up. There’s three pounds of muscle.

Now pack one of those eight-ounce strips on each quad and one on each hamstring. There’s your five pounds of additional new muscle.

You’re telling me you’re not going to look like a completely different person with five pounds of new prime beef spread across your physique and zero increase in body-fat percentage?

It will be night and freaking day. Not even the same person.

Kiss Old School Bulking & Cutting Goodbye for Good

Old school bulk diets don’t work and they wreak havoc on your entire system. Your digestive system takes a beating, you increase oxidative stress, which leads to more rapid aging, you increase inflammation, you often decrease your performance, you’re burping and farting all day and just feel like crap.

That approach is good when you are young and new to the game. But after that it’s probably the worst thing you could do.

The nice thing about accepting reality is that it frees you from all the stress associated with training and nutrition. If you’re only going to gain five pounds of muscle over the next twelve months you realize that a missed meal doesn’t matter, not hitting your protein count for the day doesn’t matter, how long you go between meals isn’t always that important.

That’s what Tom, myself and the thousands of others who follow it love about The Renegade Diet. It gives you your freedom and sanity back. It’s simple, it’s healthy and it’s stress free. You get to stay lean year round while slowly gaining some muscle and always performing at a high level.

Get off the bulking and cutting cycle and finally start seeing some results.

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