Badass or Fatass?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I was watching some UFC stuff last night and saw quite a few dudes with badass physiques.

Pretty much the exact build that the majority of guys would wanna have. Jacked, ripped and athletic. Most of them weigh around 160-180 pounds.

Let that sink in for a second and then forget about the obsession with gaining weight.

Your first priority should be getting lean. I’ve never seen a fat superhero or action star.

If you weigh 190 right now I guarantee you that you’d look a thousand times better at 170.

Everyone underestimates how much fat they have to lose. If you think it’s twelve pounds, trust me when I tell you that it’s closer to thirty.

Make ten percent bodyfat your singular focus. Trust me, you’ll look WAY bigger.

I’ve studied every formula for natural muscle gain there is. I also have 30 years of my own training experience. The formulas and my experience are pretty conclusive.

The average 5’10” guy can get up to around 175 pounds, ripped. Without steroids. That’s about the max for most of us.

If you have huge joints and are a genetic freak (like a John Cena or NFL Pro Bowler) you might be able to get to 190 at that height.

Everyone obsessed over Henry Cavil’s physique in Man of Steel.  He weighed 190 at 6’1″… and was at least ten pounds away from “ripped.”

My best advice would be to cut your calories back to 12-13 x bodyweight.

Then forget about chasing “bodybuilding” gains and start training for performance.

That’s the fastest way to transform your body.

Get the workouts to do it:

Jay Ferruggia